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Kyoto Tower | Visitor Information At A Glance

Kyoto Tower - Plan Your Visit
  • What are the Kyoto Tower opening hours?
    Kyoto Tower opens daily from 9 AM to 9 PM. But, the timing might vary. 
  • Where is Kyoto Tower located?
    Kyoto Tower is located at 721-1 Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan. Get directions.
  • How many visitors does the Kyoto Tower see per year?
    Kyoto Tower welcomes approximately 1 million visitors every year.

What are the Kyoto Tower Opening Hours?

Daily: 9 AM to 9 PM

Last Entry: 30 minutes before closing.

NOTE: There are special extended hours during holiday seasons.

What's The Best Time to Visit Kyoto Tower?

Kyoto Tower is a beacon of beauty all year round, but it gleams brightest in the cherry blossom season between March and April. Tourists often swarm Kyoto during this time, so weekdays are your best bet to avoid the crowds. 

Early mornings and late afternoons are ideal, offering mesmerizing sunrise and sunset views. If you're not into the hustle and bustle, consider visiting during the colder months of December and January – it's serene and just as magical.

Kyoto Tower Location

Kyoto Tower is prominently located in the heart of Kyoto city, directly opposite Kyoto Station. Serving as a convenient landmark, it stands in the Shimogyo Ward and can easily be accessed from the city's main transportation hub.

Address: 721-1 Higashishiokojicho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, 600-8216, Japan.

Closest Landmark: Kyoto Station, just a 2-minute walk away.

Getting to Kyoto Tower in Kyoto

Kyoto Tower - Plan Your Visit

By Public Transportation

By Train

  • Kyoto Station (JR Lines): If you're arriving at Kyoto Station using any of the JR Lines (e.g., Tokaido Shinkansen, JR Biwako Line, JR Nara Line), you are already at the right place. After alighting, make your way to the Karasuma Central Exit. Once outside, you'll see Kyoto Tower right in front of you. Simply cross the street to reach the tower.
  • Karasuma Subway Line: This subway line runs through the heart of Kyoto. If you're starting from other parts of the city, board the Karasuma Subway Line. Exit the train at Kyoto Station. From the platform, follow the signs to the Karasuma Central Exit. As you emerge from the station, Kyoto Tower will be clearly visible across the street.

By Bus

  • Kyoto Tower Bus Stop: Multiple city buses pass by Kyoto Tower. While specific routes may vary over time, buses that list Kyoto Station or Kyoto Tower as stops will get you there. 
  • Kyoto Station Bus Terminal: This bus terminal is a major hub and serves a multitude of city and long-distance bus routes. Buses that head towards Kyoto Station will have stops at or near this terminal. Exit the terminal, look for the Karasuma Central Exit of Kyoto Station, and you'll find the tower right across the street.
Kyoto Tower - Plan Your Visit

By Car

  • From Kansai Area:

Use Meishin Expressway, transition to the Kyoto Minami Interchange.

Head north on Route 1 towards central Kyoto.

  • From the North (Fukui or Maibara):

Take the Hokuriku or Meishin Expressway.

Use the Kyoto-Higashi Interchange, proceed towards central Kyoto via Route 1.

  • Central Kyoto:

Kyoto Tower is near Kyoto Station.

Use Karasuma-dori or Higashi-Honganji Temples as landmarks.

Parking Tip: Kyoto Tower itself doesn't have its own parking lot. However, there are several parking lots and garages in the vicinity of Kyoto Station. Parking fees vary based on duration, so it's a good idea to check the rates and possibly reserve a spot, especially during peak tourist seasons.

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Know Before You Go To Kyoto Tower

Visitor Tips
Kyoto Tower hotels
Kyoto Tower - Plan Your Visit
  • Kyoto Tower Observation Deck: Kyoto Tower boasts an awe-inspiring observation deck from which visitors can marvel at panoramic views of Kyoto.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi: Stay connected with Kyoto Tower's free Wi-Fi service.
  • Lockers: For visitors carrying belongings, Kyoto Tower also provides lockers. These come in handy for tourists who wish to store luggage or shopping bags.
  • Information Desk: Have questions? The information desk, manned by multi-lingual staff, is ready to assist. 
  • Restrooms: Kyoto Tower ensures the comfort of its guests with clean and contemporary restroom facilities. They also cater to differently-abled guests with accessible amenities.
  • Souvenir Shop: Discover a curated selection of Kyoto-themed merchandise at the tower's souvenir shop.
  • Accessibility: Prioritizing inclusivity, Kyoto Tower has implemented ramps and spacious elevators. This ensures a seamless experience for visitors using wheelchairs or those with mobility challenges.
Kyoto Tower - Plan Your Visit
  • Visit During Off-Peak Hours: To avoid crowds and enjoy a more relaxed viewing experience from the observation deck, consider visiting early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
  • Check Weather Forecasts: For the best visibility and panoramic views of Kyoto, plan your visit on a clear day. Foggy or rainy weather might obscure some of the landmarks.
  • Utilize the Information Desk: The multi-lingual staff at the information desk are a valuable resource. Don't hesitate to ask them for recommendations on nearby attractions or dining options in the area.
  • Dress Comfortably: Wear comfortable shoes, especially if you plan to explore other parts of the city after your visit.
  • Capture the Moment: While photography is allowed, consider bringing a camera or smartphone with a good zoom feature to capture distant landmarks. 
  • Budget Time for Exploration: While the tower itself can be experienced in a relatively short time, allocate additional time if you plan to shop for souvenirs, dine at the Sky Lounge, or explore the surrounding area.
Kyoto Tower - Plan Your Visit
Kyoto Tower - Plan Your Visit


Kyoto Tower Hotel Annex, 300 m away.

Uraraka Guest House, 4.6 km away.


Elcient Kyoto, 650 m away.

Kyoto Century Hotel, 350 m away.


Hotel Granvia Kyoto, 350 m away.

The Thousand Kyoto, 300 m away.

Kyoto Tower - Plan Your Visit
  • Nishi-Honganji Temple (1.1 km): Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this temple not only showcases the elegance of Kyoto's traditional wooden designs but also houses exquisite gardens that change with the seasons.
  • Higashi-Honganji Temple (0.6 km): A brief stroll from the tower reveals this temple, a tranquil sanctuary featuring impressive wooden edifices. Its spacious grounds and majestic halls make it a must-visit.
  • Kyoto Aquarium (1.2 km): An aquatic escapade awaits here. Dive into a world that spans Japan's serene freshwater streams to its expansive marine coasts, introducing species unique to the region.
  • Kyoto Railway Museum (2 km): Beyond mere exhibits, this museum is an immersive journey. It not only celebrates Japan's vibrant train heritage but also allows visitors to experience the driver's seat of some iconic trains.

Frequently Asked Questions: Visiting Kyoto Tower in Kyoto

How do I book tickets to visit Kyoto Tower?

Tickets can be acquired at the entrance, but for convenience and potential discounts, consider booking through online here.

What are the Kyoto Tower opening hours?

Kyoto Tower is open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily. However, during holidays and peak seasons, these hours may be extended.

What is the best time to visit Kyoto Tower?

For serene views and fewer crowds, consider visiting early morning or late afternoon. Sunset provides a breathtaking panorama of Kyoto.

How much time does it take to visit Kyoto Tower?

Most visitors spend between 1 to 2 hours exploring and enjoying the view, though individual preferences vary.

Where is Kyoto Tower located?

It's situated right across from Kyoto Station in Shimogyo Ward, making it a prominent landmark.

Can I enter the Kyoto Tower once I exit?

Typically, once you exit, re-entry requires a new ticket unless you've purchased a special pass.

What is the best way to get to Kyoto Tower?

The easiest way is by train. Once you arrive at Kyoto Station, it's just a brief walk to the tower.

Is Kyoto Tower wheelchair accessible?

Absolutely. Kyoto Tower is designed to accommodate visitors with mobility needs.

What are some of the accessibility features in place at Kyoto Tower?

Apart from elevators, there are also ramps, designated viewing areas, and accessible restrooms for wheelchair users.

Is there a dress code to be followed at Kyoto Tower?

There's no strict dress code, but comfortable and casual attire is recommended for the best experience.

Is photography permitted inside Kyoto Tower?

Photography is encouraged! However, tripods and drones might be restricted for safety reasons.

Are strollers/wheelchairs available at Kyoto Tower?

Both strollers and wheelchairs can be rented, but there's a limited number, so it's first-come, first-served.

Can I bring food and drinks to Kyoto Tower?

Generally, outside food and drinks are not permitted. However, there are eateries inside.